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Weatherization Day Celebrated on October 30th

Monday, October 31, 2016

Each year, October 30 is recognized as Weatherization Day. This day marks 40 years of the weatherization program and is an annual opportunity to bring attention to the fact that low-income households spend a disproportionate percentage of their annual incomes on home energy bills. Weatherization provides cost-effective, permanent solutions for reducing the heavy energy burden these families endure. Weatherization programs not only save energy through advanced technologies to improve the energy affordability for low-income families, but also save lives and improve the health and safety of families by identifying carbon monoxide hazards, poor indoor air quality, mold, and other health threats. With support from the US Department of Energy, more than 6.7 million homes have been weatherized across the nation since 1976—including Sandra Williams’ home.

She had purchased a mobile home on a contract for deed, feeling it may be her only opportunity for home ownership. But the trailer had very high heating and electrical bills – so sometimes she would turn down the furnace to save money, even if it got too cold. Then she was referred to GROW South Dakota to see if she was eligible for energy-efficiency upgrades through their weatherization program.

The weatherization crew assessed the home and made several improvements. They replaced her water heater, furnace, and stove with energy-efficient models, added a ventilation hood for the stove, and fixed the venting for her dryer. They also added insulation and repaired ductwork, which makes the home easier to heat and cool. New energy-efficient light bulbs also help keep her electric bill down.

She is delighted with the improvements, “I am now able to be comfortable in my home that I will soon own.” She added, “I can cook, bathe, wash, and dry laundry, be warm or cool, and can pay my bills. I feel safe knowing my appliances will not start a fire because they are worn out. I am safe from carbon monoxide poisoning too!”

She’s also pleased with GROW SD — “You have made my life much, much better!”—and its weatherization crew— “The staff was extremely respectful and thorough. Talk about improvement goals—they were tops!!”

GROW SD provides free, grant-funded weatherization services including energy efficient home improvements such as insulation, air sealing and replacement of inefficient appliances. Eligibility determination is based on an application, income qualification, and homeowner approval. For more information on the GROW SD Weatherization Program please call (605) 698-7654. Applications are accepted all year long.

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