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Sisseton Landmark Selected for Art Installation

Friday, March 31, 2017

Markus Tracy is preparing his canvas for one of the public art project to be completed on Veterans Avenue in Sisseton in preparation for the community's 125th celebration in June. Using a unique "inside-out" concept, the exterior doors and windows of the Siston Theater will become individual screens projecting images that reflect the community's identity for people passing by on the sidewalk or street. The project is a joint effort of GROW SD and the Sisseton Arts Council with support from a Rural LISC Arts and Culture Grant and the South Dakota Arts Council. Next week's Courier will feature another of the art projects to be completed during Markus Tracy's month-long residency.  

Community Art Projects Taking Shape….

Markus Tracy is becoming a familiar name and face around Sisseton. This is the second year the visiting artist has spent a month working in our community. Although Henderson, Nevada, is his home, he spends only three months of the year there. The rest of the year he is engaged in community arts projects across the country.

A strong believer in community input, Markus has begun both his residencies in Sisseton with public meetings. Ideas from community members combined with Markus’ vast experience and artistic vision leads to projects that fit with the identity of a community. Last year’s public meeting led to creation of the Veterans Avenue ArtWalk - ten pieces of locally created art installed on buildings in the downtown area.

This year a public meeting was held on March 20 – the first day of Markus’ residency. Discussion centered on making Veterans Avenue more welcoming through the arts, especially with the 125th celebration of Sisseton coming up. As a result of the meeting, several projects are currently underway, including an art installation on the front façade of the Siston Theater, additions to the ArtWalk and an artistic approach to intersections that will be covered in next week’s paper.

The Siston Theater installation involves using the façade of the theater to create the illusion of a working theater. Moving images will be viewed from the street using digital projectors from inside but projecting outwards on a special plastic film adhered on the window and doors under the marquee. When people walk by on selected dates during the evening hours, they will see free-flowing three-to-five minute sequences of images. These images will reflect Sisseton's diverse culture, history, and natural landscape. With a focus on the present and future as well as the past, student artwork and poetry will contribute personal visions of life in Sisseton.

The project is a joint effort of GROW SD and the Sisseton Arts Council with support from a Rural LISC Arts and Culture Grant. South Dakota Arts Council support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism, and from the National Endowment for the Arts

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