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Homebuyer Coaching is a Success

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Homebuyer Coaching is a Success

GROW SD received grants from the Citi Foundation and State Farm to support programs to help prepare people to buy homes through coaching efforts that helped hundreds of potential home buyers. These interested people received assistance in learning more about the process and making them ready to be successful.

The following highlights success with the coaching program:
A single mother reached out to GROW SD for guidance on applying for a home loan, when she first came to our office, she had credit issues as she had unpaid judgements.  After being instructed to pay off the judgments and get a receipt to show they were paid in full, she came back to the GROW SD office to apply for financing for a home loan, her credit report shows significant improvement from the first time she was in our office. 

Another client had the following to say about GROW SD’s coaching assistance:
A young couple is thrilled with the service they received, and had the following to say about their GROW SD loan officer, “she understood our situation immediately and, without delay, helped us through every step of the way! What a Godsend she was, is and I know will continue to be for those folks who face a similar situation such as we did. We cannot thank them enough for their help and guidance throughout the whole process.”

Coaching Services available to all interested persons.
Individuals interested in purchasing a home, either financed through GROW SD or another lender can receive Homebuyer Coaching services from GROW South Dakota.  Contact the office at (605) 698-7654.

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