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Weatherization Day

Monday, October 29, 2018

Low-income households in America spend a disproportionate percentage of their annual incomes on home energy bills. Weatherization Day, October 30, highlights cost-effective, permanent weatherizing solutions for reducing the heavy energy burden these families endure.

The US Department of Energy has supported weatherization of more than 7 million low-income households across the nation since 1976. Of those, GROW South Dakota has weatherized more than 7,300 homes in the state for a total of over $24 million.


A recent survey of GROW SD’s weatherization customers shows satisfaction with the services they’ve received and gratitude that their homes are healthier and more energy efficient.

• 94% were satisfied or very satisfied with the weatherization program.
• 88% were satisfied or very satisfied with new equipment installed in their home.
• 75% were satisfied or very satisfied with the energy savings they realized.


The survey asked the customers to identify all of the greatest benefits from the weatherization work done on their home. It produced the following results:
• More comfortable home: 76%
• Lower energy bill: 59%
• Improved home equipment; 59%
• Home insulated: 41%
• Tips given by staff: 35%
• Health benefits: 29%


Survey respondents added some comments as well:
• I appreciated the polite and efficient staff and all the work they done to make my house more comfortable for me. Thank you so much.
• Everything is a lot better for us.
• We are happy with the help and work that was done. Thanks for everything. You all are great.


GROW SD provides free, grant-funded weatherization services including energy efficient home improvements such as insulation, air sealing and replacement of inefficient appliances. Eligibility determination is based on an application, income qualification, and homeowner approval. For more information on the GROW SD Weatherization Program please go to or call (605) 698-7654. Applications are accepted all year long.

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