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A Warmer Winter

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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With the temperatures dropping and winter inevitably on its way, Elaine knew that her home needed repairs. “The house was so cold. I tried to make it warmer by stuffing insulation inside of the windows, but this was only warming the home to a temperature of 61 degrees,” she said.

Elaine would soon be on a journey to warmer days, changing her living situation for the better. As she explains, “I had been severely injured, and a social worker was making a visit to my home. Soon after, she referred my need of a warmer house to GROW South Dakota.”

Prior to her home repairs, her windows leaked, causing ice to accumulate on the inside of the windows. The wind streamed in through the windows, and water froze in the bathroom. There also was no heat in her laundry room, kitchen or bedroom. The GROW South Dakota weatherization crew was able to install windows and insulation as well as add heat for the bedroom, laundry room and kitchen. In addition to these measures, they installed an exhaust fan, provided energy efficient light bulbs, and educated her on ways to make her home more energy efficient.

The comforts of home that most of us take for granted can now be enjoyed by Elaine! When asked how her life has improved after the repairs, she said, “I can comfortably live in my home without being wrapped in an electric blanket. I can sit next to any window and enjoy daylight and sunshine without freezing.” Being a cancer survivor and having been recently injured in a fall, Elaine stated, “these monetary savings allow me to purchase my medications; and my overall health is improving due to my access to daylight, through my new windows.”

On her overall experience with GROW South Dakota, Elaine states, “I am very grateful for all of the help the GROW South Dakota personnel extended to me. The staff were so efficient once receiving my paperwork, and I was updated on what I needed to do to keep the process in motion. The weatherization crew was expedient to check and assess the needs of my home, schedule and complete the work. They were professional while moving throughout the house, making each area more energy efficient.”

If you have any additional questions about the weatherization program, or any other programs GROW South Dakota offers, please contact our agency at (605) 698-7654, or visit our website

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