GROW South Dakota Housing Programs

For more information on any of the programs below, call (605) 698-7654 or email.

Apartments for Rent

GROW South Dakota owns apartment complexes in Milbank, SD and manages apartments in Doland, Leola, Tulare and Wilmot, SD. The apartment complexes have subsidized rent available through the USDA Office of Rural Development and Housing and Urban Development. Click here for an APARTMENT APPLICATION.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization is a service to assist individuals in providing energy efficient measures in their homes. A GROW South Dakota representative will conduct an energy audit on the home to determine what repairs are cost effective to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of utilities. Common repairs include: adding insulation in walls and attics, weather stripping doors and windows, minor repairs, and furnace repairs and replacements.  Income guidelines determine eligibility. Click here to APPLY FOR WEATHERIZATION.

Home Improvement Forgivable Loan Program - Federal Home Loan Bank

GROW South Dakota has available funds to provide home improvements.  The funds assist income eligible owner-occupied homes with needed home improvements such as shingles, plumbing, electrical upgrades, or siding.  The current maximum income guidelines are $32,300 for a family size of 1-2 or $37,145 for a family size of 3 or more.  The home must be the applicant’s primary residence. A deed restriction will be placed on the property and forgiven 1/60 per month.  Income & ownership restrictions apply. Click here to apply for a HOME IMPROVEMENT FORGIVABLE LOAN.

Homeownership Education

GROW South Dakota is a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency and Housing Education Resource Organization (HERO) offering individual and group education for homeownership.  Schedule a Homebuyer Education Class.  Topics covered in homeownership education include:

  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home
  • Money Management
  • Understanding Credit
  • Obtaining a Mortgage Loan
  • Protecting Your Investment

Housing Loan Prequalification

GROW South Dakota assist people interested in purchasing a home by having them complete a prequalification packet regarding their ability to purchase a home and eligibility for homeownership.  Applicants will have their credit history reviewed.  Our agency will review all of the information with the client regarding their ability to purchase a home.  This process will allow the applicant to determine readiness and direction for homeownership and reviews various lending choices for homeowners. Find the Housing Loan Prequalification here.

Need Home Repairs?

Now is the time to get those repairs done.  Hire us to do small construction jobs such as:  replacing  windows or doors, insulate (attics, exterior walls, crawlspaces), home energy inspections, etc.  Email or call (605) 698-7654 today to get your repairs scheduled. Bids available upon request.

Home Energy Audits

Hire GROW South Dakota to conduct a home energy assessment on your home.  The results of the assessment are used to determine the energy saving improvements needed to increase the energy efficiency of your home.  To receive an estimate or to schedule your home energy assessment email or call (605) 698-7654. Watch a demonstration of the Blower Door Test.