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Celebrating June as Home Ownership Month

Monday, June 08, 2020

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Helping Those Who Help Others

Moving to a new state to be closer to children and grandchildren, one Washington state pastor found out it takes a lot of money to purchase a house. He cashed out his 401K but that wasn’t enough for the down payment. His bank suggested he contact GROW South Dakota for assistance. Through the down payment assistance program, the pastor and his wife were able to purchase a home in a central location near their family. After years of renting, they now will be building equity in a home of their dreams.

Finding That First Home

Many jobs require a person to live in the community in which he or she is employed. This was the situation for a Chamberlain man recently. When it came time to purchase his first home, he needed help. Although he made enough money to afford a home, he didn’t have the extra money for the down payment. Through GROW South Dakota, he was able to qualify for the additional funds needed to make the move to home ownership. Now he enjoys the freedom to live the way he wants without having to worry about the guidelines of a rental property.

A Dream of Owning my own Home

Kaitlain Meyerhofer moved to Sioux Falls in 2017.  Single, with a full time job, she was living in a one bedroom apartment, but always dreamed of home ownership.  A place she could paint the walls, a place she could make unique to her.  She had assumed with one source of income, that purchasing her first would be difficult.

She contacted GROW SD to see if she could receive financial help to purchase a home. With the help of her First Mortgage Lender and GROW SD’s down payment assistance program, she was able to purchase her first home without hassle or stress.

“After purchasing my home, the first project I did was rip out the carpet and repaint all the walls. My house is everything I dreamed of and more. I could not be happier.  Thank you GROW SD for helping me complete my dream of owning a home.”

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GROW South Dakota Has had a Remarkable Few Years!

GROW SD in 55 + years has met various housing needs with over $39 million in home improvement projects impacting more than 9,500 individuals.  Plus over $24 million in home mortgage and down payment loans helping approximately 1600 homeowners into new homes!

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