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A Path to a Better Future

Thursday, June 09, 2022

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   They say when it rains, it pours. For one GROW South Dakota client, it was a torrential downpour! First, his car broke down, so he didn’t have enough money to fix it because he had to pay his monthly bills. Then he nearly lost his job because he didn’t have transportation to get to work. The last drop in the bucket was an emergency stent surgery. It was a dire situation. “I was very concerned about the cascading crisis of potentially becoming homeless, losing my car, and possibly losing my job,” he stated. “I really didn’t have anyone to depend on but myself since family is several states away.”

     Through the SD Cares Act funding, the client received rental and utility assistance. He was able to pay his bills and repair his broken down car. Despite having to take unpaid medical leave from work, he was able to drastically stabilize his life. He no longer has panic attacks and is on a path to save money for a better car.

     “Thank God for GROW South Dakota, the wonderful staff and the benevolent service that they tirelessly provide,” he exclaimed. “I don’t know that I could have literally survived without their help.”

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GROW South Dakota Has had a Remarkable Few Years!

GROW SD in 55 + years has met various housing needs with over $39 million in home improvement projects impacting more than 9,500 individuals.  Plus over $24 million in home mortgage and down payment loans helping approximately 1600 homeowners into new homes!

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