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GROW South Dakota Empowers Sioux Falls CO.STARTER Graduates, Fostering Small Business Success and Diversity

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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Earlier this month, in the heart of Sioux Falls, GROW South Dakota’s Business Loan Coach, Rachael Gilbertson, attended the graduation ceremony for the 3rd Multi-Lingual CO.STARTERS Sioux Falls group in collaboration with Lutheran Social Services. 

The graduation ceremony was a celebration of achievement, resilience, and diversity. Current and future small business owners proudly shared their business pitches and success stories while representing the rich cultural tapestry of Sioux Falls. The CO.STARTER graduates emerged as inspirational figures, showcasing the limitless potential within the community.

GROW South Dakota partners with Startup Sioux Falls through the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program to provide technical assistance to small businesses.  The technical assistance covers critical areas such as financial management, QuickBooks training, Cyber Security, and accessing funding. The partners with the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program groups ensure a robust support system for the graduates.

The collaboration under the Pilot Program has made a huge impact for small businesses.  This is evident through entrepreneurs such as the CO.STARTERS graduates who are equipped with newfound knowledge and support.  These graduates have launched thriving small businesses, contributing to the local economy, creating employment opportunities, and revitalizing their community.

GROW South Dakota understands the importance of community engagement and collaboration in fostering economic development. The organization actively partners with local organizations, nonprofits, chambers of commerce, and other stakeholders to create a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs across South Dakota.

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